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Heather Normandale's music is an exploration of the watery nature of being human. Melodic and rootsy, "mermaid folk" her lyrics are rich and emotive, poetic and thoughtful, and a rolling rhythm of fingerpicking follows intricate and syncopated banjo, guitar, and mandolin riffs. Heather's passion is to call our attention to the beautiful world around us, speaking to nature as it is the mirror that reflects to us what we need to remember. 

Heather has toured on many bike-powered sustainable energy tours with the Pleasant Revolution, in the US and Europe. Her band includes Paul Sounder, Craig Miller, and Marlon Aldena on balafon, cajon and upright bass. 
Her newest album Trembling Water plays on various the water analogies, alluding to the creative process, models in nature, and acknowledging water as life. It subtly invites listeners to heal their world and their bodies through intention and love.